Looking for Asbestos Removal On A Garage Roof In Wallasey?

Asbestos Removal On Garage Roof WallaseyThe aim of this writing is to provide more advice on asbestos removal on a garage roof in Wallasey. Asbestos is a fibrous amphibole that can be found in textured walls, ceiling coatings, insulating boards and cement sheeting. Asbestos cement sheeting is generally used for roofing. Studies have shown that police officers, construction workers, fire-fighters and paramedics are at greater risks of developing asbestos related illnesses. Other trades such as demolition workers, automobile workers, asbestos removal workers and drywall removers are also at risk. You can be exposed to asbestos but never get sick. There is an amount of asbestos in water, air and soil that we may be exposed to everyday but not affected by it. Initially, researchers believed that people can only be affected by asbestos when exposed to it for longer periods but they later found that even when exposed briefly to asbestos people still fell ill. Based on this, it was deducted that it is not how long you are exposed to asbestos but how much of it you inhale.

Probably most people in Wallasey who have been involved in asbestos removal on a garage roof don’t think they have asbestos related disease. It takes up to forty years or more for asbestos related symptoms to appear. And it is also not always easy to tell if a material contains asbestos. For this reason there are people trained to inspect asbestos on materials and asses it’s risk potential. There are also people who are specifically trained to remove asbestos. There are standards that must be followed when handling asbestos and people who don’t comply with these standards are penalised. Remember, you can be surrounded by materials that contain asbestos but never be affected by it. This is because asbestos fibres are released only when the material breaks or is tampered with.

Fibresafe is qualified to conduct asbestos risk assessments and removals. Fibresafe is a specialist in asbestos removal and have shown their commitment to keeping communities asbestos safe by conducting training programmes at schools. Ring Fibresafe on 0800 458 4136 for asbestos removal.

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