Asbestos Survey for Oldham College

asbestos survey in OldhamAn asbestos survey in Oldham was recently requested for the Havershall College Assembly Hall. It really goes without saying that this is not a venue where disturbed asbestos should be found. These are the bright minds of the future. The hallowed halls of education need to be healthy spaces. At Fibre Safe we’re pleased to be able to offer extensive experience garnered over the last 10 years. We provide complete asbestos solutions for both domestic and commercial buildings.

As with all our work, the Oldham asbestos survey was carried out in close association with health and safety consultants and architects, so that we can confidently present simple and clear reports as to what work is intended. When the asbestos survey for the Hall reaches the point of removal and stripping, our client will be completely up to speed with everything that is going to occur and all the safety practices that are involved. We don’t cut corners. We ensure that our teams are equipped with the latest equipment and have undergone all the best training programmes possible. We are satisfied with nothing but the highest in standards and procedures.

We were pleased to be able to assist with an asbestos survey for the Oldham college. It’s well known and very extensively documented that exposure to asbestos can lead to fatal forms of lung cancer. It is estimated that in the United Kingdom there are roughly over 4000 deaths each year attributed to some form of asbestos exposure. So we take it incredibly seriously when we’re asked to do an asbestos survey. With our highly competent, multi-skilled workforce focused on ensuring that the job is done to the all the health and safety standards, we are confident that the students in Oldham will be able to achieve their best in the best environment possible. If you would like a free quotation on an asbestos survey for your own business or home, give us a call and let us protect you and your safety. Call Fibre Safe now: 0800 458 4136

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