Asbestos Survey in Altrincham

Asbestos Survey AltrinchamFibresafe recently carried out an asbestos survey in Altrincham. Many, perhaps most, people don’t realise that an asbestos survey must be carried out on all non-domestic properties that were built prior to 2000 in order to comply in part with the Control of Asbestos Regulations of 2012. An Asbestos Management Survey was conducted by our highly trained and experienced staff recently that not only ensured safety compliance but also provided a much healthier environment.

In Altrincham, as asbestos survey in Navigation Road was requested by a gentleman who owned several commercial properties in the street. He had discovered that, as part of his duties, he had to commission a survey and then act on the findings. Our team came in and checked the buildings to see if any asbestos could be located. The aim is, where possible, to find asbestos that might be disturbed or damaged during normal conditions of occupancy. Asbestos was located at one of the premises: a hairdresser’s. This was of concern because the asbestos was located in an area where there was a real danger of fibres being released into the air, posing a great health risk to both customers and staff. In this situation it was decided that encapsulation was not an option; the asbestos had to be removed altogether. This did involve some inconvenience to the tenant as the hairdressers had to close for two days while the removal took place. However, this was a small price to pay for making sure the premises were safe.

So, if you need an asbestos survey done in Altrincham, or suspect one might be required, contact us today and our staff members will be pleased to provide you with the information and advice you require or make arrangements to carry out a survey at your premises.

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