An Enquiry for Asbestos Testing in Chester

april 1We recently received an enquiry about asbestos testing in Chester. At Fibresafe, we take no chances. We let them know that if any home owner or business owner thinks that they may have asbestos, we would recommend having the area and or building tested. They asked how we do our testing and we let them know that all of the testing that we offer is HSG 248 compliant plus we have our own top quality in home procedures in place. We do offer different types of testing which includes background air testing, ambient air test, reassurance test and even clearance testing.

Which testing is right depends on the actual situation that a home owner or business owner finds themselves. For example if you have lived in your home for 40 years, the new asbestos laws are not enforceable in your home. However, if you hire a contractor to do work in the home your home is now automatically under the new legislation. If you have work being done and they find evidence of asbestos, we can run the test for you in Chester. Asbestos testing is really a straightforward process.

When we do the testing we will document all of the procedures and findings and keep them as an audit so you can see all of work and results. Asbestos can be a serious issue and if you feel as though your home or work area could have disturbed asbestos material, we would be happy to do testing for you. Thankfully, most times, with home owners the asbestos containing materials will not pose a significant health risk but you cannot go wrong by having it checked. So call us a Fibre Safe, we can help you with your asbestos testing in Chester.

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