Safely Remove that Asbestos Shed in Liverpool

asbestos shed“I can’t believe Fiber Safe removed my asbestos shed in Liverpool so quickly and at such a great price!” These words from new homeowner, who received an unfortunate surprise when she bought her house, are just what we like to hear. You see, this woman recently bought her first home. She was tickled with everything about the house until a visiting friend mentioned the roof of her shed might be asbestos. She wasn’t entirely sure what that meant but she sure thought it sounded dangerous and expensive. She called the experts at Fibre Safe to get an idea of what she was dealing with.

Turns out that in Liverpool, asbestos shed roofs were common for years. As a construction material, asbestos was long considered a miracle. It is flame resistant, a great insulator, and easy to form to different shapes making it very versatile. Unfortunately it turns out that it can also cause serious health conditions like asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma, or other cancers. With proper handling, asbestos used in buildings can be safely removed or encapsulated, keeping it contained, but this is a job for the pros.

At Fibre Safe, we have years of experience and a well trained staff committed to keeping you and your neighbors safe when dealing with asbestos removal and management. When our client called us, first we broke the bad news that the roof was indeed asbestos, then we went right to work devising a plan to get it removed, and replaced with a modern roof safely and quickly. She said, “Im so glad to be rid of that asbestos shed!” Liverpool residents, for a consultations with our expert staff call today on 0800 458 4136 for a consultation. Our skilled technicians are able to handle any job from the smallest garden shed, to large institutional facilities. Find out more on our website.

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