Asbestos Inspection in North Wales Meets Health Standards

asbestos 2Because asbestos has been responsible for so many deaths, asbestos inspection in North Wales has become critical in homes and commercial buildings simply because anyone exposed to certain levels of asbestos fibres can develop serious diseases. Fibresafe, established in 2004, is a leading asbestos company in the North West and North Wales who are up to date with the most recent asbestos regulations. They just recently completed an asbestos inspection for a commercial property as well as a number of older homes in Wirral, taking a small sample of asbestos containing material and having it tested for asbestos fibres. Fortunately the asbestos posed no problem and was left as is. It is critical to use trustworthy professionals like FibreSafe who make it convenient for customers by having offices in Liverpool, Wirral, Manchester and North Wales. They work hand in hand with landlords and maintenance companies to keep an eye on older buildings where asbestos is still found. They know that water damage, drilling or physical impact can break materials down and this can cause asbestos fibres to be released.

A North Wales asbestos inspection team who provides affordable asbestos solutions is a lifeline. They identify asbestos containing materials and decide whether the material is safer to be left undisturbed. They also provide asbestos awareness programmes, and their School Safe project for instance ensures children and staff are protected from asbestos and that their asbestos management plans are still effective. Employers too are obliged to protect their workers from exposure to asbestos, and because it is a legal requirement, FibreSafe offers courses which conform to legal requirements. These courses can be held at their own venue or at the premises of the business involved. The certificate the business workers receive is a legal requirement and they will need to present it to perform asbestos inspections in the future.

In many instances only a specialist laboratory can test and verify the presence of asbestos. Sometimes it is present in gutters, partition walls, door panels, cabinet tops, floor tiles and even paper products among others. Providing a safe living and working environment is FibreSafe’s mission and their asbestos inspection in North Wales includes air testing services. This air testing is the culmination of their asbestos testing and is presented as a Project Completion Pack. They will then regularly inspect ACMs in the premises, update their records and save customers time and a lot of expense, giving them peace of mind that asbestos levels are being watched and managed. Call Fibresafe today!

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