Asbestos and lung cancer – Live Well – NHS Choice – Fibre Safe Advice and response.

Former England footballer Ian Wright is supporting a campaign to reduce the rising number of deaths from asbestos-related disease.

The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE’s) campaign, Asbestos: The Hidden Killer, has revealed that 20 tradesmen a week in the UK die from asbestos damage to their lungs. Workers are still being exposed to the substance even though it’s been banned.
Here at Fibre Safe we understand and acknowledge the risks and consequences when dealing with asbestos we’ve been helping protect people from this unseen and often unknown killer for 10 years we pride ourselves in safety and professionalism but perhaps most importantly
we pride ourselves in Urgency
If you suspect you may have Asbestos or know someone who may,

Do not hesitate to call Fibre Safe on 0800 458 4136
You may literally save a life.

Asbestos and lung cancer – Live Well – NHS Choices.

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